Bot Build

Bot Build

  1. PVC Electric Go-Kart
  2. Follow-me
  3. Border Guard
  4. Chicken Tractor
  5. Programmable key FOB

Notes on building a robot

Circuit Component Testing

  1. continuity-testers|Continuity Testers - circuits, videos, and blogs
  2. photo interrupter - circuits, videos, and blogs (opto interrupter)
  3. hall-effect tester - circuit
  4. IR Testers - circuits, videos, and blogs
  5. Transistor Testers - circuits, videos, and blogs
  6. SDR Programming - SDR (Software Definded Radio) programming with the TI CC1101
  7. OLED and LED - Display

Stuff I Bought/Found/Reparied




  • Dell Monitor

Websites, Articles

Electronic Components Directory

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