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tx2c/rx2c rf radio set used at 27mhz & 49mhz in usa

This chip set is THE most common chip pair for the radio link between the
RC and the RC controller

RX_TX.pdf rx2 tx2 radio control chip datasheet (pdf)

Arduino code

RX2-TX2-RC/RX2_TX2_Control.ino at master · dimircea/RX2-TX2-RC · GitHub

It ignores transmit radio.
Uses antenna connection as input for RC car.
Yes, connect arduino IO pin to RC car antenna


[V] Make bridge sign
[ ] Make logo for videos
[ ] Battery holder
[ ] Program LARGE remote control
[ ] Strip & tin wires in main board
[ ] Tin ethernet cable 4 wires
[ ] Make spring board
[ ] Buy clay kitty litter, lye, ammonia
[ ] Setup wiki on codesnippets.altervista.com
[ ] Buy new IR emitter or get 2 remote controls
[ ] Reassemble car
[ ] Test all ultrasound (4of5 done)
[ ] Put leads on extension wires for hcsr04
[ ] Test IR circuit (oops - blew out emitter)
[ ] Solder power wires on large RC
[ ] Test REST API via arduino and radio
[ ] Test REST API via easy operator
[ ] Test ultrasound transmit/receiver at distance
[ ] Test drive car via arduino/tx2c - fwd/bk/lt/rt
[ ] Test ultrasound on car
[ ] Create enclosure
[ ] Test car in Rat maze
[ ] Finish Article on tx2/rx2
[ ] Take apart mice
[ ] Voltage vs. payload
[ ] Test car running into wall
[V] Make DCM signs
[V] Get avago PDF on optical sensors
[V] Text DCM
[V] Buy liquid dishing soap
[V] Email TJ about trip
[V] Text DCM
[V] Buy 91% alcohol
[V] Watch Chromebook video 2nd time
[V] Find PETE or #1 plastic
[V] Buy decaf, raw sugar, cookies
[V] Text DCM
[V] Watch Chromebook video
[V] Get decaf
[V] Walmart: paper clips & cookies
[V] Text DCM
[V] Get $$
[V] Strip ethernet cable 4 wires
[V] Buy vinager & baking soda
[V] Buy clothing iron
[V] Buy 100 ohm resistors
[V] Buy corn starch $1.00
[V] Buy blank DVD
[V] 4 Transistors for transmitter
[V] Prepare new car for use
[V] Make another battery holder
[V] Get solder sucker
[V] Test IR receiver
[V] Test ambient light sensor
[V] Make AA battery holder from chipboard, paperclips and aluminum foil
[V] Create voltage read circuit on A5 for radio battery
[V] Clean acid out of big truck
[V] Test vcc library
[V] Solder wires on rx2c car
[V] Outline Article on tx2/rx2
[V] Read pin out on RX2C
[V] Sucker bulb @ walmart
[V] Make ultrasound library for hc-sr04
[V] Test REST API with arduino
[V] Create test page for REST API
[V] Solder wires to thermistor
[V] Solder transmitter
[V] Test ultrasound separate rx/tx
[V] Make cable for ultrasound
[V] Solder wires to ultrasound
[V] Tin wires of waterproof thermistor

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