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Opening Car Doors with an RTL-SDR, Arduino and CC1101 Transceiver
May 4, 2017

Most modern vehicles use some form of rolling code security on their wireless keyfobs to prevent unauthorized replay attacks. When the car owner presses a button on the keyfob, a unique rolling code is sent to the car. If it matches the codes stored in the car, the car will unlock and then invalidate that code so it can never be used again, thus preventing a replay attack. On the next press the keyfob sends a new code. This system can be defeated simply by jamming the car keyfob receiver, and using a more selective receiver to record the keyfob unlock packet, then replaying those packets at a later time.

Unlocking Almost Any Vehicle with an SDR or Arduino
August 12, 2016

A New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens
by Andy Greenberg 08.10.16.

Just the four most common (keys) are used in close to all the 100 million Volkswagen vehicles sold in the past twenty years.

The second technique that the researchers plan to reveal at Usenix attacks a cryptographic scheme called HiTag2, which is decades old but still used in millions of vehicles. For that attack they didn’t need to extract any keys from a car’s internal components. Instead, a hacker would have to use a radio setup similar to the one used in the Volkswagen hack to intercept eight of the codes from the driver’s key fob, which in modern vehicles includes one rolling code number that changes unpredictably with every button press. (To speed up the process, they suggest that their radio equipment could be programmed to jam the driver’s key fob repeatedly, so that he or she would repeatedly press the button, allowing the attacker to quickly record multiple codes.)

Bypassing Rolling Code Systems – CodeGrabbing/RollJam
February 8, 2016

Breaking into cars wirelessly with a $32 homemade device called RollJam
August 12, 2015

Defcon 23 (2015), "Drive It Like You Hacked It", more tools will be published shortly

$32 RollJam Device can break into most cars and garage doors
By Ms. Smith, CSO - Aug 9, 2015

This Hacker's Tiny Device Unlocks Cars And Opens Garages
by Andy Greenberg - 08.06.15

RollJam: This $50 'Universal Remote' Unlocks All Kinds Of Car Doors
by Thomas Fox-Brewster - Aug 6, 2015

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Hacking Rolling Code Keyfobs
by Eric Evenchick - March 17, 2014

Jam Intercept and Replay Attack against Rolling Code Key Fob Entry Systems using RTL-SDR
- 15 March 2014

Keyless BMW cars prove to be very easy to steal

Video: My BMW 1M Coupe Stolen in 3 Min as Part of Recent UK BMW Theft Spree Using OBD


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Programming the car key with ODB-II

BMW Key programming
EDILOCK Group Ltd - Published on Oct 31, 2009


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