Programmable Key Fob


Reprogram New MINI Keys R50/52/53
Jailbreak Mini FOB

how can you Program a key - MINI Cooper - The Legend Lives On

Programming key fob software - no audio

Decoding - Mini and Land Rover Remote Keys

II. How The Keys and Remotes Work - Mini and Land Rover Remote Keys

Key Fob For 2007-2014 Mini Cooper Remote Replacement Control Car Keyless Entry | eBay

Hacking Rolling Code Keyfobs

Key FOB programmer from EBAY for 2002 mini cooper is $35
the guy in the thread had an 02 mini cooper from Oct 2015
He bought a programmer on ebay for 58 pounds (british)
currently $35 right now.

Stealing Cars for 20 Bucks

BINGO: Keyless BMW cars prove to be very easy to steal

we should talk tonight or tomorrow. The article below seems
to have all the information we need to make a key.
We just need to nail down with the Cooper Mini needs.
In 2007 there was a change, but the article below is
from 2012

From the Hackaday article
Watch Hackers Steal A BMW In Three Minutes


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